I haven’t posted anything in quite a while, but i’m back!

Boy have I had a rough couple of months…

I want to be honest with you all. I have been struggling a lot lately.

If you haven’t already read my previous blogs, when i lived in Florida was sat down by my pastor and i basically lost everything. I was Youth President, children’s bible school teacher, and I was in the praise group. Because of reckless mistakes, I was punished. And i hated myself for the longest for being stupid enough to make those mistakes. Everything was taken from me, all i was in that church was a girl who committed a sin. I couldn’t participate in the services anymore, and i was dying inside. People no longer saw me the same way.


About a year later, God allowed me to become Vice-President of the youth group. I was so happy! I had finally rekindled my relationship with Him and i felt there was nothing that could tear me down.

One night, our youth visited another church and the preacher ministered to me and told me that God has unimaginable plans for me.

Another night, I was ministered again, and was told that a big move was coming.

Preachers and Pastors kept telling me this and i was so confused! But what i wasn’t doing was putting the pieces together. My sister lived in South Carolina for ten years, and she’s been praying so that our family would move over there with her. So I decided “What the heck” let me fill out an application for College. Long and behold, I was accepted just a month later! With scholarships!!! I cried so hard, I was excited but I didn’t want to leave at the same time. But I just knew it was God’s will.


Now for the Glory and Honor of God, I am Youth President at my new church, children’s Sunday School teacher and a member of the Praise Group!

Everything that the enemy took from me, God so mercifully handed it back. I am eternally grateful.

And I’m scared.

I’m scared I am going to mess up again and everything’s going to be taken away from me. I’m scared to become the person I once was. I don’t ever want to repeat my same mistakes, but in all honesty, we all know how the devil works. And how mischievous he can be.

I am writing this in tears right now, asking for prayer. I believe and trust that the Lord will continue to guide me. And I believe and declare that He will continue to guide you as well! But prayer works, and prayer helps. So if you all, my brothers and sisters in Christ would pray for God to continue to give me strength, I would forever appreciate that.

And I will always be praying for my readers!

God Bless.


Being different 

 Society now a days makes it seem as if being different is something to be ashamed of. It’s most certainly not!

Being different is a sign of confidence, and bravery. As a Christian, I’ve always tried to stand apart from the “crowd”. Not saying that I’m not friends with non-Christians, but I try to stay away from sinning with them. 

I did have trouble though, there was a time in high school where I gave in to temptation. And I hated myself for it for half a year. I was so upset with myself! I wanted to be perfect in the eyes of the Lord; I wanted to be flawless. That was clearly impossible. I messed up. And when I tried to change, and please God. My “friends” wouldn’t talk to me anymore. I was all alone, because I chose to be different. 

I was watching a video on YouTube the other day, and the guy started to explain how he wanted to stop posting videos because YouTube is now putting a ban on inappropriate language and he didn’t want to not be able to cuss. WHAT. You have 300 thousand plus suscribers and you want to just give that up, because you can’t cuss?????? I was really took back when I heard those words come out of his mouth. 

We must be different! If that for you is no more profane language, or changing your wardrobe choices, or stopping an addiction. Then so be it!! If people leave you, you still have the BEST FRIEND you could ever have by your side. 

It’s not bad to be different, it’s beautiful. You stand out. Stand out for what you believe in. Represent God the way he deserves to be represented. It may feel weird and hard at first, but that’s okay, it’ll only make you stronger. God will be there to help you. And I will too, if you ever need me. 

I had to get that off my chest…God bless! 


Did you know that each month, 32 Christians are killed for their faith, 214 churches and Christian properties are destroyed, and 772 forms of violence are committed against Christians. That includes beatings, abductions, rapes and arrests.

In Iraq, the selling of young girls and the killings of the Christian communities have caused a decline in the number of believers still around. Numbers went form a whopping 1.5 million to a surprising 300,000. According to only one percent of Syrian refugees in camps are Christian because “they fear negative repercussions from Sunni refugees identifying them with the regime.” Iranian-American Christian pastor Saeed Abedini is serving an 8 year term in prison for his faith. Persians are being officially charged for espionage, just for publishing scripture.

There are 100 million Christians around the globe who are currently suffering.

“25 so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. 26 If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.

27 Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

1 Corinthians 12:25-27

Times are getting tough now. And it’s our time, as Christians, and followers and the body of Christ to stand together. We can’t continue to have problems with each other! A large part of why Christians are looked down upon , and judged so harshly is because we are hypocrites. I say we because I am including myself. We can preach all day about brotherly and sisterly love, and how everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord. Meanwhile, we wont even talk to Sally because she gave you a side eye. We wont talk to Richard because he dresses immodestly, and we won’t talk to Brenda because she used to be a prostitute. God accepts us as we are. Imperfect, yet perfect in his eyes. It’s his job to make the change in us, not ours to judge. Everyone has been through something. I have been through stuff in my life. Instead of judging Brenda, we should grow with her. Help her if she slacks, pray with her, laugh with her, eat with her. God was and is there for us every time we mess up and every time we feel alone. Who are we to not be there for his son or daughter? Who are we to not love others the way he loves us?

My friends, people are dying. People out there are really, really, and truly hurting. We can’t sit here and argue with a church member over what they’re wearing while people in other countries are being hurt.We are on in Christ; if they hurt, we hurt. Instead of fighting with your brother, get together and forget and forgive your differences, and focus on the bigger picture.

Pray for Iraq, Syria, India, France and every other country currently going through oppression. Pray that God gives them strength and mercy, and that he never leaves their sides. Pray! It’s our most powerful weapon, and it’s time to use it.


MODESTY!!!! Let’s get into it. 

I’m Pentecostal, and we’re all for modesty. I belong to a huge council/district of churches, and they’re really strict on the dresscode. Which I don’t mind. A young woman, or man, of God should always look respectful and representable. 

For us though, it means men don’t wear shorts, they don’t go around topless. Woman don’t cut their hair to extreme shortness, don’t wear pants or anything too tight or above the knees, we cover up and don’t wear makeup or jewelry. We can’t get tattoos, or piercings, or out of the ordinary  hair colors. But that’s okay. 

Our bodies are the temple of Christ. Why should he want him to come into an immodest temple? 

Yes it’s hard sometimes, and I used to get frustrated. Now a days, to see a woman in pants is the norm, and I used to love wearing pants. But as I started becoming closer to God, I figured that I wanted to sacrifice and change something of my physical self to please him. (In no way am I implying that if you wear pants as a female, God will not be pleased with you. I’m telling you why I do it myself)

I wanted to sacrifice my wants to please him. And oddly enough, because of this change God has made my self esteem go up to an all time high! I feel so beautiful now. Where before I felt like a slob, no joke. 

Other people may see it as something simple, but God sees it as an offering. 
And who says being modest isn’t cute?? 

If you ever want to know places to shop modestly, visit: Ross, Roses, Target, H&M, I honestly can’t remember all the places I shop right now. But the pictures above are a great way to start off if you decide to make the change! 


2 Timothy 2:21  “Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from these things, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work” 

Vessel– “a hollow container” ; “a utensil” 

Do you ever have daydreams about you preaching to an enormous audience. Or when you take a shower, do you ever pretend you’re singing a killer devotional? I know I do. But at the same time, some nights I feel like I’m not good enough for God to use me. I stay up all night wondering if God see’s me as worthy enough to be used. I wonder if one day he’ll use me to speak to a nation, or to heal someone with cancer. I wonder if he’ll ever use me to heal someones pain, or to bring someone to his arms.

But then I think of all my imperfections and impurities, and I doubt.

A message to all readers: don’t doubt.

I have learned to never doubt in him.  Second of Timothy says “if anyone cleanses himself from these things, he will be a vessel of honor…” If we just cleanse ourselves, remove ourselves, and our fleshly wants and desires. We must be new. Give our all to him. Let him tear you down and build you back up, and into the vessel he needs you to be in order for him to fulfill his purpose in you.

Let go, and let God. As my old pastor used to tell me. I would be so wrapped up with myself and my own problems, I wouldn’t open my eyes to what was right in front of! God wants to use us, he wants us to be full of him, and glorify and praise him.

Don’t ever doubt the fact that he’ll use you. There’s a purpose for everyone that starts with faith. Annnddddd, I think this calls for a part two. I pray God speaks to you through this message. God Bless!

Questions, Comments, Prayer requests? Let me know! You can leave your contact info in the “contact” page and send me a prayer request, or just comment below your take on vessels.


Boy I’ve made so many mistakes… We’ve all made mistakes… Even people from Bible times made mistakes! 

Life gets hard, and roads get bumpy. Some time in our lives, we’re going to mess up. It’s inevitable. It may not be a big mess up, like doing drugs or getting into a fight, but it can be a small mistake, like a little white lie. A mistake is a mistake, the same way a sin is a sin. 

Sure God will forgive us(more than we deserve) but we also have to do something. What? Confess!!! Confess that you messed up and that you regret it. Sure it may be embarrassing or hard to admit you messed up, it’s hard for me.

But imagine your friend takes $20 out of your wallet without asking. You needed those $20, and they used it on a bunch of munchies. You’d be upset, am I right? And all they say is “sorry bro”. Whaaatttt. I bet you’d want a real apology, “I’m sorry I took the twenty bucks, I won’t ever do it again, I’ll ask next time”. That’s what I’d want. 

And that’s what God wants. Tell him why you’re sorry, and he’ll gladly accept you. And it can’t be a sorry in vain. You have to really mean it, and try your hardest not to make that mistake again. 

Remember, God will always be there to pick you up. Psalm 37:24. God’s got you!

God’s Mercy

This past Thursday I was at a Baptist Club meeting at my school and we were supposed to have a speaker, unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. They played a video instead; the message was on Mercy and it really impacted me.

When I think about Gods mercy it literally brings tears to my eyes, and I get goosebumps all over. Just to think of myself as a person and all the hundreds of mistakes I’ve made in my life, and then to think about Jesus on the cross, I’m left in awe.

God gave his son for me. A woman that deserved nothing. A woman that was so into him then all of a sudden gave it all up for the world. He gave his son for me, and what did I do? I went out and started hanging with the wrong crowd, I drank, I smoked, I did so many things I’m ashamed of. And one day, I reluctantly decided to go to a special youth service, and what did God do? He forgave me right then and there and told me he had everything under control! For the longest, I questioned myself, asking “why would he still use me? I messed up so bad! I gave up on him! Why does he still care?” He answered me: MERCY.

The speaker in the video said “how old are you? Now get those years and turn them into days. That’s how many times God has renewed his mercy on you” (That’s around 7,025 times for me alone!). Lamentations 3:23. He took our sin away, and made us like new. So that we one day would be righteous 2 Corinthians 5:21. Everything is erased! Romans 8:1. All because he loved us. He loves us so much, that even though we hurt him, and sometimes turn our backs on him. He’s still there, waiting with open arms, we just have to let him in.

To know this and not praise him, to me is unacceptable. He does so many things for me, all I want to do is praise and worship and serve him. I pray for him to continue to have mercy, and help me and guide me in the path he has set for me. So I can become who he wants me to be. Nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you God for your mercy.