About Me

Hey!  I am a freshman at the University of South Carolina. I’m majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Human Services. I grew up in Florida and moved to South Carolina June 2016. It’s a huge transition, but thankfully I have family, friends, and an awesome GOD who are supporting me. I am Pentecostal, yeah we’re the girls always in skirts (but trust me, it’s comfortable!), I sing for the glory of God, and I love to write (DUH!!). I created this blog because as I read the bible, God teaches me so many things, I cant keep them to myself! Most likely, every blog will be a few bible verses and my take on it; but then again, it might vary to whatever God wants me to post.

God has blessed me in so many ways even though I’m so undeserving, all thanks to HIS mercy. I’m far from perfect, but i’m willing to let HIM use me in any way he see’s fit. He’s told me my purpose is bigger than words can tell, and I’m here to find it.

I’m also here to lend a helping hand, and a prayer. If you ever need a prayer, or just someone to talk to, feel free to contact me. Or, if you want to tell me your perspective on a verse I blogged about, or what you learned from it, PLEASE let me know!

This is a place where we can all learn, and together be molded into what the Potter wants us to become. God Bless You and thanks for visiting!


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