I haven’t posted anything in quite a while, but i’m back!

Boy have I had a rough couple of months…

I want to be honest with you all. I have been struggling a lot lately.

If you haven’t already read my previous blogs, when i lived in Florida was sat down by my pastor and i basically lost everything. I was Youth President, children’s bible school teacher, and I was in the praise group. Because of reckless mistakes, I was punished. And i hated myself for the longest for being stupid enough to make those mistakes. Everything was taken from me, all i was in that church was a girl who committed a sin. I couldn’t participate in the services anymore, and i was dying inside. People no longer saw me the same way.


About a year later, God allowed me to become Vice-President of the youth group. I was so happy! I had finally rekindled my relationship with Him and i felt there was nothing that could tear me down.

One night, our youth visited another church and the preacher ministered to me and told me that God has unimaginable plans for me.

Another night, I was ministered again, and was told that a big move was coming.

Preachers and Pastors kept telling me this and i was so confused! But what i wasn’t doing was putting the pieces together. My sister lived in South Carolina for ten years, and she’s been praying so that our family would move over there with her. So I decided “What the heck” let me fill out an application for College. Long and behold, I was accepted just a month later! With scholarships!!! I cried so hard, I was excited but I didn’t want to leave at the same time. But I just knew it was God’s will.


Now for the Glory and Honor of God, I am Youth President at my new church, children’s Sunday School teacher and a member of the Praise Group!

Everything that the enemy took from me, God so mercifully handed it back. I am eternally grateful.

And I’m scared.

I’m scared I am going to mess up again and everything’s going to be taken away from me. I’m scared to become the person I once was. I don’t ever want to repeat my same mistakes, but in all honesty, we all know how the devil works. And how mischievous he can be.

I am writing this in tears right now, asking for prayer. I believe and trust that the Lord will continue to guide me. And I believe and declare that He will continue to guide you as well! But prayer works, and prayer helps. So if you all, my brothers and sisters in Christ would pray for God to continue to give me strength, I would forever appreciate that.

And I will always be praying for my readers!

God Bless.


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