Being different 

 Society now a days makes it seem as if being different is something to be ashamed of. It’s most certainly not!

Being different is a sign of confidence, and bravery. As a Christian, I’ve always tried to stand apart from the “crowd”. Not saying that I’m not friends with non-Christians, but I try to stay away from sinning with them. 

I did have trouble though, there was a time in high school where I gave in to temptation. And I hated myself for it for half a year. I was so upset with myself! I wanted to be perfect in the eyes of the Lord; I wanted to be flawless. That was clearly impossible. I messed up. And when I tried to change, and please God. My “friends” wouldn’t talk to me anymore. I was all alone, because I chose to be different. 

I was watching a video on YouTube the other day, and the guy started to explain how he wanted to stop posting videos because YouTube is now putting a ban on inappropriate language and he didn’t want to not be able to cuss. WHAT. You have 300 thousand plus suscribers and you want to just give that up, because you can’t cuss?????? I was really took back when I heard those words come out of his mouth. 

We must be different! If that for you is no more profane language, or changing your wardrobe choices, or stopping an addiction. Then so be it!! If people leave you, you still have the BEST FRIEND you could ever have by your side. 

It’s not bad to be different, it’s beautiful. You stand out. Stand out for what you believe in. Represent God the way he deserves to be represented. It may feel weird and hard at first, but that’s okay, it’ll only make you stronger. God will be there to help you. And I will too, if you ever need me. 

I had to get that off my chest…God bless! 


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