MODESTY!!!! Let’s get into it. 

I’m Pentecostal, and we’re all for modesty. I belong to a huge council/district of churches, and they’re really strict on the dresscode. Which I don’t mind. A young woman, or man, of God should always look respectful and representable. 

For us though, it means men don’t wear shorts, they don’t go around topless. Woman don’t cut their hair to extreme shortness, don’t wear pants or anything too tight or above the knees, we cover up and don’t wear makeup or jewelry. We can’t get tattoos, or piercings, or out of the ordinary  hair colors. But that’s okay. 

Our bodies are the temple of Christ. Why should he want him to come into an immodest temple? 

Yes it’s hard sometimes, and I used to get frustrated. Now a days, to see a woman in pants is the norm, and I used to love wearing pants. But as I started becoming closer to God, I figured that I wanted to sacrifice and change something of my physical self to please him. (In no way am I implying that if you wear pants as a female, God will not be pleased with you. I’m telling you why I do it myself)

I wanted to sacrifice my wants to please him. And oddly enough, because of this change God has made my self esteem go up to an all time high! I feel so beautiful now. Where before I felt like a slob, no joke. 

Other people may see it as something simple, but God sees it as an offering. 
And who says being modest isn’t cute?? 

If you ever want to know places to shop modestly, visit: Ross, Roses, Target, H&M, I honestly can’t remember all the places I shop right now. But the pictures above are a great way to start off if you decide to make the change! 


7 thoughts on “Modesty 

  1. Jamie Carter says:

    Modesty, it seems to me, was originally meant with economic terms in mind. Let me explain: In the first century, wealthy women showed off their status through their wardrobe, their hairstyles. Slave women could only wear what their masters provided them, it was usually very simple. The difference between a wealthy woman and her slave would be as apparent as a red carpet a typical outfit for residents of a trailer park. Paul knew that slave women had a modest income on which to live and couldn’t afford to dress above their station. But he also knew that wealthy women could very easily choose what they were and shouldn’t necessarily dress to impression – for the sake of their poor sisters, he asked the wealthy ones to dress as if their income were more modest. That way, even the poorest among them wouldn’t feel out of place. For them any connotation of sexual temptation wasn’t even on the radar – they were all already covered up as that went without saying. That’s why the reasons in the Bible aren’t written as we understand them today. That came in more recent decades (I doubt modesty in the 1600s to 1800s would have been about being covered up – that was already what went unsaid for them as well!) as our fashions have created a new set of obstacles for this is really the first era in history where it’s quite uncommon to be so uncovered (aside from native tribes in tropical regions, I seem to recall a few in my studies that lived in such warm areas that clothes weren’t as necessary to fend off the cold – which was a rarity.) What we understand as modesty, then, is a whole other concept than which the Bible prescribes – so we have added to scripture in unexpected ways. In my churches though, modesty is uneven, boys aren’t expected to be modest in any sense of the word, girls must obey dozens of unwritten rules and they vary from one church to the next.

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    • kyazmin says:

      Well thanks for sharing that with me, I honestly didn’t know that! And wow, the whole thing about how boys aren’t expected to be modest in your churches is different for me. I’ve grown up in a Pentecostal church my entire life and it has always been that way for us. It’s good to know.

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  2. Emily says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the follow! Although we may have some slightly different views on modesty, I really admire your passion for pleasing Jesus. More women (and men) should aim to dress with class and dignity! I am posting a special review this Friday that you won’t want to miss 😊

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  3. Taylor BreAnn says:

    Hello! I have also grown up in a Pentecostal church, and we seem to share some of the same beliefs. I had to sacrifice a lot as well when I gave my life to Jesus considering how much I loved my makeup and pants.
    On a different note, I love the different modest outfits you posted for women! I actually have the orange plaid skirt and white top outfit saved to my phone! I think it’s too cute. All in all, nice post 🙂


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