Boy I’ve made so many mistakes… We’ve all made mistakes… Even people from Bible times made mistakes! 

Life gets hard, and roads get bumpy. Some time in our lives, we’re going to mess up. It’s inevitable. It may not be a big mess up, like doing drugs or getting into a fight, but it can be a small mistake, like a little white lie. A mistake is a mistake, the same way a sin is a sin. 

Sure God will forgive us(more than we deserve) but we also have to do something. What? Confess!!! Confess that you messed up and that you regret it. Sure it may be embarrassing or hard to admit you messed up, it’s hard for me.

But imagine your friend takes $20 out of your wallet without asking. You needed those $20, and they used it on a bunch of munchies. You’d be upset, am I right? And all they say is “sorry bro”. Whaaatttt. I bet you’d want a real apology, “I’m sorry I took the twenty bucks, I won’t ever do it again, I’ll ask next time”. That’s what I’d want. 

And that’s what God wants. Tell him why you’re sorry, and he’ll gladly accept you. And it can’t be a sorry in vain. You have to really mean it, and try your hardest not to make that mistake again. 

Remember, God will always be there to pick you up. Psalm 37:24. God’s got you!


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